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Shop & Ship Popcorn Joy Box

Regular price $20.00

Your Popcorn Joy Box:
2 bags gourmet popcorn flavors
1 bottle of 'lemon-aid' hand sanitizer from The Alchemist's Wife
2 Lemon tea cakes cookies from Lady Yvette's Teacakes (not gluten free)
We could all use a few moments of calm right about now! Mama Moore's Popcorn Joy Box allows you to do just that as well as support 3 small businesses at the same time. Not every small business has the reach and ability to ship online orders; so we wanted to create a gift box that helps small shops, too! This is a perfect gift for yourself for relaxing or maybe send it to someone who really needs something extra special right now -- your family in health care, a co-worker, a friend who's laid off, a client or a public servant that is really making a difference or someone you really love!